Saturday, May 7, 2016

Breaking Ground

During our Weekly Wednesday check in call with our SR and PMs, they confirmed the plan to stake out our house on Monday, lay the rocks for the driveway etc etc etc which means this is the beginning of breaking ground on our lot and possibly digging the hole by the end of the week. We are scheduled to meet with our SR on Monday at 11:00 am to a take a picture with the new signage.  They replaced the signs and we no longer have a sold sticker on the new signage, so we decided to have her take a picture to get a full photo instead of a selfie.  We are not sure if it will be staked out at that time; but it's definitely scheduled to be staked out on Monday.  :-)  Unfortunately, my granddaughter will be in school but we will return so that all three us can be in the photo.  Our PMs told us that our building materials for our house will be delivered in June and we can expect closing in December.  They also said, we may get lucky and close in November since our basement will be unfinished along with good weather conditions.  Toll Brothers take approximately 6 - 8 months to deliver a home so we are happy to be on the schedule to close before the end of the year.  When we built our first townhouse with RH we closed the day before Xmas eve.  It was awesome; however, I pray we get to close in November before Thanksgiving.  

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