Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2nd Pre Construction Meeting

Today was our second pre construction meeting.  
We asked for this meeting in an effort to be on the same page with all of our selections because we had countless email communication between us, SR, PM, the Big Girl PM and the consultant at the Design Studio.  The meeting went well and we were able to identify and add some additional selections that were not noted.  For instance, we had no clue that the bannisters we saw in the model were NOT the standard bannisters.  I have walked into the room with the brick, stain door colors and bannister options many times and never paid attention to the bannister options sitting in the far corner.  I noticed that there were several options and our paper work reflected the standard.  I am so happy I saw them today to upgrade them to the white stylish option.  The standard was straight and boring.  I considered the iron balusters but with my decor the white was the better option.  We spent a lot time on the electrical and will visit after installation to be certain all fixtures are installed according to our placements.  We did not get the mother in law suite on the first floor as I hoped because the request was too late; however, we can still turn that room into the suite easily since the basement will be unfinished.  Overall, we are pleased and still waiting for the permit with the greenhouse revision.

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