Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Laundry Room- Where is yours and Why?

One of my desires for our new home and all other past homes was to have my own dedicated luxury laundry room. I want it to include a folding table, hanging space for wet clothes, ironing board, a television to watch HGTV while folding and ironing.  There are some clothes that I like to wash a particular way and they require being hung.  This picture above captures only part of my vision.  Well, there is a little glitch in this desire.  Since I am traditional when it comes to laundry, I want the laundry room to be housed in the basement which would include a combo space for my granddaughter to work on her crafts/scrapbooking. 

The challenge:  my husband's desire and my desire.
My husband's desire is to see the laundry room upstairs on the upper level with the bedrooms which is definitely a no brainer in terms of practically.  Everyone can be responsible for taking their clothing to the laundry room without having to travel to the basement. Well, I tend to be tradition when it comes to the laundry location which is in the basement.  My vision is to create a luxury laundry room with the cute fixings that offers functionality and practicality.

I love this eclectic look.  It warms my heart!  There is plenty of space to fold and sit to do arts and crafts and anything my heart desires.

My question is to everyone:  where did you house your laundry and why?  Some people have chosen the mud room area, some have chosen upstairs which I have heard rumbles the house when drying depending upon the type of dryer, some have chosen upstairs.  My challenge is his desire, my desire.  I discovered that the home could accommodate an alternate laundry location upstairs.  Why did I share this with my hubster.  lol lol  He now wants the laundry upstairs which would close off the two story foyer that gives you a grand entrance.  At first, he was stuck on the grand entrance. Once I share the good news with him, he is convinced that this is the best location. Well, I understand why he feels this way.  The laundry was housed in the basement and I tend to wash clothes on a regular basis because I hate seeing the pile of dirty clothes in the basket.  Well, my challenge was getting the clothes back upstairs. lol He said, Nadase, the clothes go down, but they never come up.'s so true.  I on the other hand still want my laundry in the basement, because I want the larger space.  What are some of the pros and cons you have found with your laundry location (size, location, missing clothing etc).