Thursday, October 15, 2015

We are BACK!!

Yes, we are back! As some of you may know, the passing of my beloved child took a tremendous toll on our lives which led us to this journey of building a new home. A Toll Brothers Home called the Langley 2. It has some much needed features that I wished were in our Rome. We had some buyers remorse and always contemplated building again.  As the world turns, it led us to follow our hearts to build a home that we could raise our beloved daughters 9 year old child, our granddaughter, in that she will cherish forever. With child in toll after many years of being an empty nest, this new life style has also inspired the interior design for our new home. We have a ratified contract and awaiting our initial approval from the underwriters. Here
The Elevation we chose is called the Williamsburg. I love the Savannah too with the porch. There is a trade off with both of them. The Williamsburg you get two feet more in the dining room, foyer, and princess suite. The Savannah gives you the outside space with the huge porch.